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Premiere Night: December 17, 2022


Digital Release: December 23, 2022

Runtime: 138 minutes

Synopsis: For years, Will has been able to control time, turning back the clocks a minute or two on rare occasion. Despite believing he understands it, Will’s perspective of his ability changes when he meets the equally gifted Nissa, who introduces him to a world where he’s not the only powered being.

Starring Justin Gatcomb, Eleanor Langthorne, Devon Stanley, John Prud'homme, Jamie Ammon, Kaleal Cerafici, Kirsten Bornkessel, Michela Lamparelli, Adrianna Angeline, Kaden Kirton, and Ryan Anastasi

​Music by Nicholas Pitcher

Director of Photography Sarah Elizabeth Bailey

Produced by Eleanor Langthorne and Robert Maynard, Executive Producers Devon Stanley and Justin Gatcomb

​Written and Directed by Robert Maynard

Ways to Watch

Available worldwide

Content Rating: 13

Available in the US and UK

Content Rating: 16+

​​Content Advisory: The film contains some strong language, mild sexual references, brief partial nudity, some violence, a brief depiction of underage use of alcohol, and some thematic material.


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