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Release: June 2025


Status: Preproduction

Synopsis: Two years ago, Nissa Arnson's infallible interpretation of the future was challenged for the first time, and she spared a man's life. Now she investigates a new adversary with fewer Rooks and far more to lose, while Will Augustine fears for his future and struggles to maintain his integrity as an Alterer. As their paths cross again, long-hidden and terrifying secrets begin to come to light.

Starring Justin Gatcomb, Eleanor Langthorne, John Prud'homme, Adrianna Angeline, Kaden Kirton, Ryan Anastasi, Abbey Thompson, Adam LaFramboise, Raymond McCarthy, Janine Myers, Kenneth Cramer, Xanthi Russell, Vlad Alexandrov, Allie Maltais, and Jenson Tavares.

​Music by Nicholas Pitcher and Joshua Snively

Director of Photography Sarah Elizabeth Bailey

Produced by Devon Stanley and Robert Maynard, Executive Producers Eleanor Langthorne and Justin Gatcomb

​Written and Directed by Robert Maynard

The Cast

Look who's back! And look who's crazy enough to join us!

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