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Rooks: Crew Spotlight on Bobby Hill and Stephen Hill

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Every week, we're featuring interviews with the cast and crew of Rooks. This week's spotlight is on Assistant Camera Bobby Hill and Art Director Stephen Hill... and if those last names seem similar, you might be on to something.

Stephen Hill and Bobby Hill on set

For Stephen, the most exciting part about working on this set was the new experience. "I loved supporting my good friends! The set is a mix of busy work, but also meeting new and amazing people!" For Bobby, this was a bit more about career development: "I’ve been wanting to get into filmmaking and this looked like an excellent opportunity to pursue that goal. Not to mention the prospect of being to represent my home state on the big screen. Everyone was very welcoming. Since this was my first time working with them I was a little nervous participating with such a tight friend group. However, over the course of principal photography, I slowly became acquainted with everyone, as they did with me." Stephen is the film's Art Director, meaning he lead a team to develop the look and feel of the film. From designing sets and props to working out the details of costumes, hair, and makeup, Stephen's attention to detail was paramount in ensuring things went smoothly. "Being able to work at UNH and develop an office space was by far my favorite part of this whole thing. The hotel, too. It really felt official to be able to use the space for part of the movie. But really, what’s amazing is coming out of the shoot with new friends, being able to meet so many new people and to have this much fun surprised me for sure!" Bobby, meanwhile, was the film's Assistant Camera, meaning he worked with DP Sarah Elizabeth Bailey to ensure recordings came out smooth, occasionally filling in for her. He loved the cabin in Sutton, like so many of his crewmates, and recalls, "A lot of great moments from the movie were filmed there." Speaking of great moments from the film, they both will be on the lookout for specific things come premiere night. For Stephen, it's the chemistry of the cast. "Seeing the friendships outside of the film develop on screen was amazing, I'm excited to see that on film." Bobby, meanwhile, is excited to see one particular scene with one particular actor: "Watching Ryan Anastasi act for the first time gave me amazing chills. There's a scene with him during our first big shoot at the Garrison Hotel, and watching that was by far my favorite moment from set." We finished, like always, by asking their favorite movies and filmmakers. Bobby offered The Shawshank Redemption and director Edgar Wright. Stephen's favorites are Dune and Godzilla vs. Kong, and he added, "I love Zendaya for sure!" Bobby continues his filmmaking journey with the submission of a script to the New Hampshire Film Festival this year entitled The Bite. Stephen, meanwhile, says he hopes to be back on set with Accented Films next time we gear up for a new production.

See Bobby’s and Stephen’s work in Rooks, premiering at The Strand in Dover, NH, on December 17. On Amazon Instant Video December 23.

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