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Crossing: Crew Spotlight on Tanner Shaw

From the continuing series on the people who made Crossing... this week’s focus is Tanner Shaw.

Tanner was the Art Director for Crossing. It was his job to make sure the sets, props, costumes, and makeup were all camera-ready before I called action. Tanner is incredibly detail-oriented and thorough in his work. He was truly one of the biggest driving forces behind bringing the film to life!

Tanner described working on Crossing as “a very interesting experience as it was my first time being involved with the creation of a film in any capacity. Everyone was very engaged with and prepared for their roles, which made my job very easy!”

Despite it being his first production, Tanner hit the ground running, facing and overcoming countless challenges along the way. “My favorite moment from the set was the moment when we perfectly coordinated the shooting of the opening scene. Everything just seemed to fall into place, which we were very grateful for!”

Tanner’s degree of thoroughness became really apparent on Day 3 of filming: before we called action, he had us go back and review the styling of John’s hair to ensure it would match up with a scene we’d already filmed. Though Crossing, like every film, is imperfect, it owes so much of its consistency and detail to Tanner.

When not on set, Tanner works for a non-profit university and dedicates time to learning as much as he can about languages. He considers “I Am Legend” and “Good Bye Lenin!” to be his favorite films and Will Smith to be his favorite actor.

See Tanner’s work in Crossing on December 11.

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