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Crossing: Crew Spotlight on Caroline Ladegard

From the continuing series on the people who made Crossing... this week’s focus is Caroline Ferguson.

Caroline was the lead propsbuilder for Crossing, in charge of designing most of the props and creating a few of them. Caroline is and has always been a talented creative, and her skills as an engineer made the role a perfect fit for her.

Crossing is far from the first project Caroline and I have worked on together. We’ve known each other since 2006 (yikes, time flies when you’re making movies), and she has been a part of every film project I’ve ever worked on, in some capacity. She not only helped with the production design of the film I shot in college, but she also portrayed a character in that film. A villain, in fact. It’s no surprise then that her favorite actor is the late Alan Rickman: “There was always a lot of nuance to his villains, and his performances become better with every watch.” Her favorite film, meanwhile, is Forrest Gump.

Two of the biggest Crossing projects for Caroline were constructing a large wooden sign and designing a series of Easter egg-filled book covers. “I like a challenge!” she says. “I used to build stuff more creatively all the time in high school and college, so it’s nice to draw something out, plan a build, and execute for fun. Even photoshopping the book covers was just a riot for me, adding tons of puns and crazy book descriptions.” The book covers are her favorite prop, though she remarked that she loved grinding dirt and grass into the wooden sign to age it.

Caroline is a little over halfway through a PhD in Bioengineering, so most of her time is spent in a science lab. She is also famous for shutting down production of Crossing for a weekend so that I could film her wedding. But I think we’ll let her slide on that one.

See Caroline’s work in Crossing on December 11.

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