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Crossing: Actor Spotlight on Ryan Anastasi

Every Friday between now and the Crossing premiere event in December, I’ll be releasing a short article or announcement related to the people who made the film possible, as well as a few other interesting tidbits about the production. This week’s focus is Ryan Anastasi.

Ryan plays Jacob in Crossing. He’s a natural talent when it comes to acting, and he makes every second of his performance count. I was fortunate to have him in my corner for this film.

And luckily for Ryan, being on set was much like hanging out with his best friends. Actually, it was exactly that: Ryan, John, and I have known each other for nearly five years and are incredibly close, so this production was a very natural fit for all of us.

Ryan was only on set for a single day of filming, our last day. It was a unique experience: the production team woke up at 5am, with the intent to start production around 6am. But the weather argued with our production schedule for much of that morning, so Ryan’s first shot wasn’t filmed until 8:30. I still feel bad for waking him up so early… luckily, he forgave me! When we finally did make it to our outdoor set to start filming, it was lightly drizzling, which was no problem at all. Ryan recalls, “But then it poured... and we had to wait for the rain to pass, trying to stay dry. We laughed and just made the best of it; it all worked out in the end!”

Ryan’s favorite actor is Tom Hanks: “He's an incredible human being and a terrific actor. He is so versatile. I love Forrest Gump, Captain Phillips, and The Post, among many other movies. If I was able to emulate even a tiny fraction of his acting ability in my role in Crossing, I would be so happy.”

Ryan has been largely absent during the post-production process, telling me at every turn that he wants to see the final product for the first time at the premiere: “I can't wait to see how it all comes together. I know the story, but I am very excited to hear the original music and see how certain visual elements of the film translate from the page to the screen.”

See Ryan as Jacob in Crossing on December 11.

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