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What is Aigu?
Aigu is a streaming platform exclusively for content made and distributed by Accented Films.

How much does it cost? I don't want another monthly bill.
That's the great thing... Aigu isn't a subscription service! There is no recurring fee associated with having an Aigu account. Aigu is a TVOD service, which stands for Transactional Video on Demand. That means you purchase or rent a specific item for a one-time fee. A purchase grants you ongoing access to the content, no subscription fee required. A rental grants you access for 72 hours. Content is priced individually based on a number of factors.

What content is available on Aigu?
Aigu features all content from Accented Films that is available for purchase or rental. A purchase on Aigu includes any and all extra content associated with the film, such as blooper reels, deleted scenes, and interviews with the cast and crew. This content may not be available all at once, rather added periodically. Regardless of when you make the purchase, you will gain access to additional content once it is made available.

Content on Aigu will also be available in its highest possible quality, while other streaming platforms may limit resolution or aspect ratio.

What format is Aigu content in?
Content is available in 4K with a 5.1 Surround Sound audio track. Aigu will automatically down-convert the film to the best format available on your streaming device.

Why did you make your own streaming platform instead of just selling on Amazon or Google Play?
Most digital storefronts such as Apple TV, Vudu, and Google Play don't allow small independent film companies like us to launch on their platform, simply because we don't have enough content. We could partner with a publishing house and have them launch our content on our behalf, but they take a hefty cut of our revenue and charge massive upfront fees. The one exception is Amazon Instant Video, which allows us to sell our content on their platform at no upfront cost, but they take 50% of our revenue.

We began investigating ways to distribute our content by ourselves, and we discovered that we could launch Aigu for minimal upfront cost and manage it ourselves. Best of all, when you complete a transaction on Aigu, we keep north of 80% of that revenue, much higher than any of our other options.

We do still sell on Amazon Instant Video, check out our content there! But Aigu is something we're really excited to share with the world, since it's entirely operated by us!

Where can I watch Aigu?
Aigu can be watched using a web browser on most computers, tablets, and smartphones. The web-based application includes native support for quality adjustment and subtitles, and content can be cast or streamed using AirPlay or Google Cast to an appropriately enabled device. Aigu also supports an HDMI connection to a larger screen. At this time, however, there is no native Aigu streaming app for phones, tablets, smart TVs, or game consoles.

Where is Aigu available? What languages is it in?
All content includes soft-coded English subtitles. Although the service itself is exclusively available in English, Aigu is available in most countries around the world.

Why the name Aigu?
Many of the team at Accented Films are language nerds, and many of us speak French. Aigu is a type of accent mark in French, so we thought it was a fitting title for our streaming platform.

I already purchased one of your films on Amazon Instant Video, can I watch it on Aigu?
Thank you for your support! Technically, no, but we appreciate the interest in Aigu, so how about this? Please email a copy of your receipt or some other proof of purchase to We'll verify your purchase, then get back to you with a code to use on Aigu to purchase a copy of that film for 50% off!

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